Frequently Asked Questions about Rochester Helicopters

What type of aircraft do you employ on your Rochester helicopter tours and charters?
We do not own our own helicopters. Rather, we broker helicopters that are owned by operators. Therefore we are able to offer many different types of helicopters for all kinds of flights, small
or large.

Are all quotations free of charge?
Yes! Our quotes are always free.

How do I make changes to my reservation after I purchase the ticket online?
It’s easy to make changes to your reservation. Simply call and one
of our friendly reservations agents will gladly take care of that for you!

What camera lens should I use on my exciting helicopter charter or tour?
We recommend a lens of around 35mm. This best simulates the field of view of the human eye.
As the lens becomes progressively wider the picture will appear further away.

How fast will we go on the helicopter charter or tour?
You can expect to reach a cruising speed of 110 - 130 mph with the R-44 helicopter, and
80-90 mph in the R-22.

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